Strategic Environmental and Social Evaluation (EASE)

The purpose of the Strategic Environmental and Social Evaluation Methodology (EASE) is to identify any complementary action that might enhance —from a social, environmental and cultural point of view— the positive effects of projects and minimize their negative impact. The unit of analysis of this methodology is the area of influence of the Portfolio Project Groups and/or the API projects.

A very important aspect of the application of EASE is its contribution to the institutional strengthening of the countries through the participation and full commitment of national and subnational governments, appointed as counterparts to form part of the work team.

Given its strategic nature, the EASE Methodology can be applied at different scales and levels of analysis, basically using secondary information and experts’ and key actors’ opinions. This process creates a constructive dialogue between the governments of the countries involved as well as between the technical team responsible for applying it and the key local and regional actors in the area of influence of the projects. 



  • The EASE Methodology is a valuable tool to incorporate environmental and social issues into the planning of infrastructure projects at both the national and regional levels.
  • The Participation Plan proposed by the EASE Methodology is a suitable way to promote the involvement of civil society in project planning and the dissemination of the COSIPLAN actions.
  • It is important to promote the EASE Methodology application to other API projects, Project Groups or national projects in order to create consistent knowledge about its use and advantages.
  • It is important to coordinate the EASE Methodology with other planning tools included in the PAE, such as the Integration Territorial Programs (PTIs).

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