Social and Environmental Commitment

In the UNASUR Constitutive Treaty, South American integration and union are based on principles such as citizen participation and pluralism, and reduction of asymmetries and harmony with nature for a sustainable development. Full citizen participation is promoted by establishing effective channels of communication, consultation and discussion in the different bodies of UNASUR.

The Strategic Action Plan (PAE) includes among its actions “to define mechanisms for social participation and active contribution by the communities
involved in the COSIPLAN
activities.” In this regard, the Ministers’ commitment to work on these topics is renewed every year in the Work Plans.
The Strategic Environmental and
Social Evaluation Methodology, the Production Integration and Logistics Methodology, and the Integration Territorial Programs include processes for consultation with and participation of local actors from the area under study.
In the last years, COSIPLAN meetings were attended by civil society organizations, such as the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks (RedCLARA); Rights, Environment and Natural Resources (DAR Perú); Environment and Society (Colombia); the Confederation of South American Road Workers; and the Uruguayan Federation of Road Workers (FUTRAVI).