Rail Integration

The Working Group (WG) on Rail Integration was created by the COSIPLAN Ministers at their Second Ordinary
Meeting (Brasilia, November 2011). Its creation is the result of the countries’ commitment to fostering integration
and complementarity of policies and projects in the rail sector that encourage economic and social development.
The activities conducted by the WG are built upon the work carried out by Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay to
design the Paranaguá-Antofagasta Bioceanic Railway Corridor API project.
At the Third Ordinary Meeting of COSIPLAN Ministers (Lima, November 2012), the Eastern Republic of Uruguay
was commissioned with its coordination. This WG was divided into two Working Subgroups (WSGs), each of them
focusing on one of the following two API projects:
  • Subgroup on the Paranaguá-Antofagasta Bioceanic Railway Corridor (Argentina-Brazil-Chile-Paraguay), active since 2014.
  • Subgroup on the Central Bioceanic Railway Corridor (Bolivia-Brazil-Peru), active since 2015.

The COSIPLAN Project Portfolio features 67 rail projects for an estimated investment higher than US$47 billion. Of all the API projects, six of them involve rail connections for an estimated investment amount higher than US$6 billion.


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