Sectoral Integration Processes

The objective of the Sectoral Integration Processes (PSIs) is to identify the regulatory and institutional obstacles that hinder the development and operation of basic infrastructure in South America, and to propose actions to overcome such obstacles.
At present, COSIPLAN is working on the following areas:


Freight Transport and Logistics

Actions intended to strengthen integration and to contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of the economies of the region through activities designed to improve logistics performance and freight transport in all its modes. Coordinated by Peru.

Air Integration

Actions intended to promote connectivity among the economies of the region through cargo and passenger air transportation. Coordinated by Brazil.


Integration through Ports and Waterways

Its objectives are to identify the regulatory frameworks of the ports; increase the passenger and cargo potential in the countries’ waterways; and map the existing projects and studies for the exploitation of port facilities and inland connections. Coordinated by Brazil


Rail Integration

Actions designed to encourage the integration and complementarity of policies and projects in the rail sector that boost economic and social development. Priority is given to regulatory issues, new infrastructure and agreements among rail operators. Coordinated by Uruguay.



Actions taken to promote the intensive use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) with the purpose of overcoming geographic and operational barriers, mainly to study and propose alternatives to boost interconnection among different structures and fiber optic networks and the construction of the South American Fiber Optic Ring. Coordinated by Paraguay.


Border Integration and Development Planning

Actions designed to turn border regions into spaces for integration and development, by facilitating the movement of goods and people and planning the territory with consideration of socioeconomic and environmental aspects. Coordinated by Argentina and Chile.


Trade Integration through Postal Services for MSMEs

Its objective is to integrate micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises into the international market by implementing a simplified export and import system using the postal logistics platform to this end. Coordinated by Brazil and Peru.