Border Integration and Facilitation

The interest in moving forward the various dimensions of integration means that borders must take on a new role. Border cooperation and integration are strategies of countries aiming at the integral sustainable development of territories, as well as the dynamic incorporation of border spaces in development, bilateral cooperation, and economic and social integration processes.
The South American countries have been making great cooperation efforts in the territories of their common borders, acknowledging that cross-border integration is an effective tool to promote development, overcome structural asymmetries, and solve social cohesion problems.
COSIPLAN incorporates border integration into the indicative territorial planning process in order for this regionalscale planning process and the ongoing bilateral, subregional and local planning processes to converge.
As of October 2015, 47 of the 593 projects in the COSIPLAN Project Portfolio involve interventions in border
crossings (8% of all the projects, for an investment estimated at US$917 million). Fourteen of these 47 projects, for an estimated amount of US$584 million, form part of the Integration Priority Project Agenda (API).

At the IV Ordinary Meeting of COSIPLAN Ministers (2013), Argentina and Chile were designated as the coordinators of the Executive Technical Group on Trade Integration and Facilitation. In this context, progress was made in furthering the concept of borders as spaces for integration and development rather than as merely crossing points, assuming the responsibility for planning the territory, designing its infrastructure and promoting its execution in order to contribute to development and integration.

From this perspective, COSIPLAN-IIRSA work approach was broadened to include “border integration and facilitation,” in the search for lines of action intended to strengthen border development projects and social, political and economic integration processes in border areas.



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