Logistic and Productive Integration (IPrLg)

The objective of the Production Integration and Logistics Methodology (IPrLg) is to assess the potential for production integration and for the development of logistics in the area of influence of a Project Group or of an API project.



  • The collection of secondary information as a basis for the formulation of hypotheses about the potential of a Project Group or an API project for contributing to production integration and to the development of logistics services
  • The validation or adjustment of the hypotheses through consultations with the relevant actors at the central and local levels (for instance, public, private and public-private institutions, trade union associations and companies)
  • The articulation of infrastructure projects with the removal of obstacles and the business opportunities identified based on the analysis of the information collected. The latter is reflected in an indicative action plan, which is the main outcome of the exercise.



  • The defination of the area of influence must take into account the production integration and logistics chains selected in the analysis, even if this entails exceeding the territory of the Project Group or API project concerned. The maximum limit set is the territory of the relevant Hub.
  • Tourism is a sector of the economy influenced by the implementation of infrastructure, and accordingly must be included in the analysis of the production activities.
  • Field interviews are essential to validate the hypotheses proposed during the exercise; therefore, a greater number of interviews is recommended, including the active participation of the private sector.
  • The focus of analysis is broadened to include all the logistics aspects, not only the value-added logistics services. 

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