Freight Transport and Logistics

Over the last few years, increasing importance has been attached to an integrated analysis of transportation
infrastructure and services from a multimodal perspective, which focuses on intermodal transfer points and uses
logistics as the articulating component.
The performance of logistics has a direct impact on the countries’ competitiveness, integrating domestic and
international markets, and enabling the exploitation of local comparative advantages and sectoral economies of scale. In this regard, COSIPLAN seeks to establish logistics as a strategic focus to promote a systemic view of infrastructure and transport.
This calls for the strengthening of this process both in each country and in the whole South American region by
concentrating efforts to encourage public policies that address these aspects in a joint manner, and also by exploring convergence alternatives in the field of transport infrastructure and services in South America.
During the Third Ordinary Meeting of COSIPLAN Ministers (Lima, November 2012), the Republic of Peru was
appointed as the coordinating country regarding this activity, and for the first time this topic was included in the

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  • Transporte Multimodal en Sudamérica: Hacia una articulación normativa de carácter regional

    June 2003