Integration through Ports and Waterways

The Integration through ports and waterways is one of the main areas of work for promoting connectivity within South America. Therefore, it was included in the COSIPLAN work agenda with the purpose of identifying possible action lines at the regional level in order to make headway with sea and river integration, with an emphasis on waterways.
Addressing this subject is of vital importance to improve the region’s competitiveness on the basis of lower costs and to promote sustainable development by using more environmentally efficient modes of transport.
At present, there are 113 projects in the transport sector portfolio, both in the river and in the sea subsectors, which
amount to an investment estimated at around US$14 billion.
During the Fourth Ordinary Meeting of COSIPLAN Ministers (2013), the Federal Republic of Brazil was appointed
as the coordinating country regarding this activity. Agreement was reached to move forward in the area of ports
to share experiences and lessons learned, as identified by the countries, and to analyze the potential changes
that may affect the port sector; analyze national policies on port development; identify financial alternatives for
port modernization purposes; and harmonize the various South American regional positions in this field.


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  • Report on the Workshop on South American Integration through Ports and Waterways

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    October 2015